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Why Choose Freein Yoga SUP For Yoga Practise

by Shop Maker 03 Mar 2020 0 Comments

The Freein yoga sup is the first-ever inflatable SUP to sport a full-length traction pad, and customers are reaping the benefits from it. This special feature not only allows paddlers to utilize their entire SUP from tail to nose, but it also makes the yoga ideal for paddling with your dogs, kids, and even practicing your yoga flow. With a range of capabilities, the yoga become a fan favorite among dog lovers, families, and seasoned yogis.

Below, we list a few reasons why customers are loving the Free new 2020 yoga sup. 


The yoga’s full-length traction pad allows your dog to feel stable and secure even when they decide to stand or sit near the nose of your standup paddle board. This is important because most dogs favor riding near the nose on a SUP, an area that is typically hard to grip on a standard inflatable or epoxy paddle board. With the Scout, your dog can feel confident and enjoy riding near the nose without the worry of slipping off. 



The Freein inflatable yoga sup has a softer surface which is much easier on the body than a hard epoxy surface.  In addition, it is more stable than hard boards of comparable dimensions because the thickness of an inflatable paddle board is consistent across the width of the board, while hard boards are tapered at the edges, making them more tippy.

An added advantage to buying The Freein yoga sup for yoga is that you can take it with you when you travel to exotic locations where practicing aquatic yoga can be the experience of a lifetime!


Full-length traction pad

The Freein inflatable yoga sup is also an excellent paddle board for SUP yoga. the yoga’s full-length traction pad gives you more usable space than ever for your yoga flow or fitness routine. The yoga not only

acts as a giant floating yoga mat, but it’s also wide enough to give you the extra stability you need for technical yoga maneuvers and other demanding fitness routines on the water. 

Super Durable

We use the densest drop stitch pattern on the market because we have the most skilled technicians & advanced manufacturing components available. 11200 stitches of 500 denier space yarn per square metre make for one rigid board.

In a nutshell, from its pet-friendly functionality to its built-in SUP yoga abilities, the Freein yoga sup was designed to support your balanced lifestyle.

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