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As the weather gets colder, many paddlers maybe want to know how to store their board for the winter properly. In fact, it’s simple to store a SUP.

Here are a few best practices for inflatable SUP Storage.

Where to Store Your SUP

First of all, a good location should avoid the following three environments.


Sunlight: Longtime direct sunlight can decolor the board and damage the service life

Moisture: A wet environment can encourage mold and mildew and possibly damage your board.

Temperature: Exposure to high temperatures, it may cause EVA to disengage and affect the airtightness of the board.

*Always store your boards in a place where it is cool, dry, and below 25 ℃, avoid direct sunlight whether winter or summer.

How to Store Your SUP

  1. Keep your board clean

Before stowing your board away, it is very important to clear off dirt, sand, salt, or grime on your board.

Just make your sup is completely dry and clean, we recommend using an all-purpose cleaner or soup for cleaning your paddleboard.

  1. Remove the fin

Leaving the fins on the board will not hurt the board, it would be better to store your fin separately to avoid damaging it when storing or moving. (Place the fin with other parts in safe place where you will REMEMBER where to find it)

For inflatable boards, you can store them either inflated or deflated.

  1. Leaning (if inflated)

If you are lucky enough to have enough indoor storage space, leaning your board against a clean wall is a good way to go

  1. Bag it (if deflated)

Put your board in the bag and store it in the space where it should be clean.

we don't recommend having it rolled tightly in the bag. To avoid any potential forming of creases/fold marks, leaving it unrolled (either inflated or deflated) is best practice.

Finally, we placed our board, the only thing left is to wait for good weather and get back on the water!

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