30 Days Money Back | 2 Years Warranty | 3-7 Days Delivery


Q.  If I do not like the product, can I return it?
A.  YES! Of course you can! our ISUP offer Free returns for 30 days, and a full 2-Year Warranty.

Q.  What is the purpose of the D ring on the underside of the nose? Could it catch stuff, such as weeds or twigs, in the water?
A.  The D ring on the underside of the nose can be perfectly used to drag on or rope with other things in shallow waters . The end of this board is designed cocked up and wouldn't catch weeds or twigs in the water.


Q.  What board maintenance tips do you have?
A.  Wash the board with fresh water after use, store in a cool and dry area, keep board on a wall surf rack to keep unnecessary wait off the tail or nose, get a board bag/sock to keep the board safe and clean while not in use.

Q.  Does FreeinSup Ship internationally?
A.  Yes! For Wholesale Orders, please contact us info@freeinsup.com

Q.  Can I pay on a payment Plan?
A.  No, however you can purchase with a credit card.

Q.  What carrier do you use to ship?
A.  FedEx and USPS