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About Us

Our Story

Newkiton Inc is a customer-oriented company and one of the leading strategic suppliers of high quality from High Tech offering fair prices and excellent service. We are striving to be the world’s leader in selling high quality Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board by offering excellent and reliable services.

Company Mission

  • Always Focused on SUP – We believe paddling are the best forms of recreation in the world and are focused on these sports only. We don’t chase trends and are committed to bringing you the best quality products designed and tested by people who paddle every day.
  • Always Rider Owned and Operated – Our mission from day one has always been to develop a quality selection of well designed paddle boards and accessories for riders of all skill levels at revolutionary prices.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Bar None – We aim to offer our customers the highest level of service, selection, quality and value and the most compelling online and in store shopping experience possible.
  • Listen to Our Customers Feedback – Strive to continually improve to meet their demands. We treat our customers like gold, when they talk we listen.
  • Always Put the Customer First – Without them, we wouldn’t be in business!  If a customer has an issue, do everything in our power to fix it.
  • Quality Products No Gimmicks – We use our products every day. Each product is thoughtfully designed with the best intentions and comes backed with our iron clad warranty.
  • Create a Highly Positive Work Environment – Promote a balance between work and an active lifestyle. Work hard and stay active in the water daily.
  • Protect the Planet & Give Back– Stay Involved in Programs to help conserve the ocean and planet and be conscious as a manufacturer of the by products of what we do and sell to make the least harm.