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What do you need to do before you get on the water😏

by yancy zhu 28 Jan 2021 0 Comments

It would be exciting when you receive your new board, however, there is always some necessary steps to put together your board and keep you safe.

  1. Unpack and unroll your Inflatable SUP on a flat and softer surface (grass or sand would be ideal)
  2. The most important step for an inflatable board is the inflation.

But don't rush to take the pump out yet! make sure the valve stem is upwards before you staring inflation. If the valve stem is downwards, push it sightly until it pulls up in the waterproof position, ready to be inflated.


  1. For attaching the hose to the valve on the board properly, you need to screw the hose on the inflation opening of the pump (there are two openings before and after the pump's handle, one is for inflation, the other is for deflation) then plug the end piece of the hose into the valve of the board. Turn it clockwise to lock the hose in the valve firmly!!!
  2. Pumping up your board seems very simple, but here is a tip for making the most of your hand pump.

Please note most of freein hand pumps have two actions, your pump should be switched on double stroke action (It will pump in maximum volume) at the very beginning.

If it gets harder to pump. Unscrew the red stopper on the pump, it will switch to single stroke action, it´s much easier to reach full pressure with single stroke action.

  1. Place the cap on the valve and close it.
  2. Install your fin, depending on the board, they come with different fins, each of which has its installation method. You can go to another blog👉 HOW TO INSTALL FINS FOR YOUR FREEIN PADDLE BOARD CORRECTLY  for more detailed instruction.

At this point, we have managed to set up your paddleboard.

However, If you’re a SUP beginner, please have a look at our HOW TO STAND UP PADDLE GUIDE.

All is well, It time to enjoy your time on the water, most important of all, be safe and have fun

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