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FAST INFLATION: Freein Inflatable SUP Electric Pump is Easy to Reach High Pressure. The airflow is up to 120L/min and the power supply is 12V DC. You can inflate the paddleboard within a few minutes, which saves much time than other hand pumps.

SAFETY & AUTO STOP: This air pump is equipped with advanced and quality metal impellers that largely reduces the noise when operation, and the wire of the quick fill electric air pump is made of certified pure tinned copper for more stable performance and safer use. Besides, Our Electric Air Pump has an AUTOMATIC CUT OUT function, when the entered pressure has been reached, the pump turns off automatically.

EASY CHARGING & PORTABLE: This electric pump can be powered from a car cigarette lighter socket. The small size of this electric pump will spare more room for you and the compact design allows you to bring it anywhere you would like to go!

Caution: This pump is for inflation only, not for deflation.

It can be used for Freein iSUP, inflatable Kayak, and HR valve inflatable.

 Package Includes:

-12Vdc vehicle cable plug

- Electric pump

Inflation Operation:

  1. From the supplied fittings, select the reducer that engages and opens the valve if the inflatables.
  2. Connect the pump to a vehicle cigarette lighter socket.
  3. Insert the selected adaptor on the braided joint at the end of the tube.
  4. Turn the knob and point the arrow to the required pressure.
  5. Tighten the adaptor onto the inflation side of the pump.
  6. Once the entered pressure has been reached, the pump turns off automatically. It is also possible to stop the inflator air pump at any time by pressing the OFF switch.
  • Dimension:  205x105x130mm
  • Weight:  2Kg
  • Maximum absorption: 15A
  • Maximum pressure: 18PSI
  • Maximum flow rate: 120 L/min