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    For the curious beginner and the excited athlete. FREEIN produces lightweight inflatable boards without compromising on quality and design. The kayak SUP 10'6*32"now comes with a paddle that not only looks sleek but feels it too. Stability function-makes the board become the most stable SUP on the market. It has a load-bearing capacity of 296 pounds and is designed to handle any rider. It has a resilient outer shell and reinforced rails to withstand wear and tear from repeated use by families or SUP rental companies.


1.v-drop stitch core

stitch core is the essential to keeping a rigid SUP shape

2.First Tarpaulin layer pad

Inner Tarpaulin layer provide air tightness

3.First PVC sealing rail pad

Inner sealing rail pad to keep air tightness and SUP shape

4.EVA Traction deck

EVA traction pad with diamond grooves for great traction and maximum comfort under the feet

5.Dual printed reinforcement rail pad

Additional layers on the rail for Pattern printing and extra stiffness

6.Extra rail-pad reinforcement band Tarpaulin layer pad

Reinforce the seam between sealing rail pad and Tarpaulin layer pad

7.Light and printed Tarpaulin layer pad

Additional reinforcement layers for Pattern printing and extra stiffness