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    The Kids SUP is designed for kids and teenagers looking to get out on the water in a variety of conditions. It's durable, stable and lightweight. Easy for anyone to transport and carry. Our soft traction pad gives extra grip keeping your toes locked to the board in any kind of condition. The weaved drop stitch fabric and flat speed tail help release water, thereby increasing glide. The specification of base fabric is 1000D*1000D/26*26 for both up and down layers. These high tensile yarns and weave structure ensure a high strength and form-locked combination of fabric surface, which helps to increase the speed of the board. Great as a gift for kids.


1.v-drop stitch core

stitch core is the essential to keeping a rigid SUP shape

2.First Tarpaulin layer pad

Inner Tarpaulin layer provide air tightness

3.First PVC sealing rail pad

Inner sealing rail pad to keep air tightness and SUP shape

4.EVA Traction deck

EVA traction pad with diamond grooves for great traction and maximum comfort under the feet

5.Dual printed reinforcement rail pad

Additional layers on the rail for Pattern printing and extra stiffness

6.Extra rail-pad reinforcement band Tarpaulin layer pad

Reinforce the seam between sealing rail pad and Tarpaulin layer pad

7.Light and printed Tarpaulin layer pad

Additional reinforcement layers for Pattern printing and extra stiffness