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  • The Overall Windsurf SUP is the most versatile inflatable stand-up paddle board in our collection. It is aimed to be an easy windsurfing, race and touring paddle board for everybody and anybody. It provides the perfect blend of stability and maneuvrability, allowing you to make the most of any location and any occasion. It is an ideal first paddle board for beginners, and is fun for intermediate or advanced paddlers.


1.v-drop stitch core

Comfort Surface, Non Slip, Full Grip Deck Pad.

2.First Tarpaulin layer pad

Inner Tarpaulin layer provide air tightness

3.First PVC sealing rail pad

Inner sealing rail pad to keep air tightness and SUP shape

4.EVA Traction deck

EVA traction pad with diamond grooves for great traction and maximum comfort under the feet

5.Dual printed reinforcement rail pad

Additional layers on the rail for Pattern printing and extra stiffness

6.Extra rail-pad reinforcement band Tarpaulin layer pad

Reinforce the seam between sealing rail pad and Tarpaulin layer pad

7.Light and printed Tarpaulin layer pad

Additional reinforcement layers for Pattern printing and extra stiffness